Discover our wonderful chart for the sizes of our cakes, specially designed to illuminate your imagination and guide you through the wonderful world of our allergen-free delights!

Let yourself be inspired by our guide and find the perfect cake that will add a special touch to your celebrations!


Rond Cakes

Diameter Height
Cake 6 - 8 servings
15cm (6 in) 5cm (2 in)
Cake 12 servings
15cm (6 in)
10cm (4 in)
Cake 15 servings
20cm (8 in) 7.5cm (3 in)
Cake 20 servings
20cm (8 in) 10cm (4 in)



Tiered Cakes

Diameter Height
Cake 30 servings

15cm (6 in) 

20cm (8 in)

5cm (2 in)

10cm (4 in)

Here are the cake sizes in pictures, you will be able to visualize our sizes and the frosting layers that hide beneath the cakes much better!

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