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Our mission

Why Bonbon Collections ?
There is no greater joy than sharing a gourmet pleasure. Today's reality is that we have to deal with diets and dietary restrictions.
Part of our values resides in the careful selection of our ingredients which, in addition to being safe, leave a better footprint for our environment, our community and your health.  That's why Bonbon Collections is dedicated to making healthy, 100% natural, vegan, priority allergen-free baked goods with a Clean Label approach, which means: 
1. Reduce the list of ingredients to its strict minimum
2. Eliminate risky additives
3. Replace denatured ingredients with natural ingredients
4. Clarify the list of ingredients to make it more readable for the consumer.
Where are your products made ?
All of our products are made in our dedicated plant which is not only vegan but also free of the 10 priority allergens, located in Quebec. 
They are even certified "Aliments préparés au Québec". 
Your health is our priority. 
To learn more about our Factory of happiness, click here.
How do I contact customer service ?
You can contact us by phone from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the following number: +1 (844) 826 6266 or by email at

I would like to work for Bonbon Collections, do you hire ?

We are always looking for passionate candidates who are enjoying making a difference in the lives of others. 
You can check out our job openings here

Please feel free to send us your application to

Do you have any promotions ?
You can register via the small form at the bottom of our website
What is your social commitment ?
We are very proud to be a donor/partner of
- Make-A-Wish Canada
- Hôpitaux Shriners pour Enfants
- Allergies Québec
- Leucan
- Boule de neige
- Club des Petits
-Déjeuners du Canada 
Why is there so much packaging ?
Unfortunately, allergies and zero waste don't mix. After all, we deal with people's lives and take this very seriously.  
The plastic film is also made from PET and is therefore recyclable. This film provides a superior level of protection against damage at the store level, thus reducing food waste. 
Did you know that our state-of-the-art processes allow us to recover any waste that occurs during production? And yes, we pride ourselves on having less than 0.5% waste in our production lines. 

What are the priority allergens?

What are the priority allergens ?
The 10 priority allergens recognized by Health Canada are eggs, milk products, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat (gluten), soy, sesame, mustard, fish and seafood and sulphites.
If you think you have any of these allergies, please contact a doctor for follow-up.
Do you do custom orders ?
Unfortunately, we do not do custom orders for individuals. 
For corporate, school or school board orders, please contact us to discuss. 
How to conserve your products ?
→ For products purchased in grocery stores and supermarkets:
Please read the instructions on the label. Consume them within 24 hours of purchase, otherwise store them in your freezer until the expiration date on the label. 
→ For products purchased online and collected or delivered to your home:
Creams and spreads : upon receipt, open the box. Then store for 2 days at room temperature or place the product for 10 days in the refrigerator or store in the freezer for up to 6 months before using. 
Snacks and cakes: Consume the day of receipt or place in the freezer for up to 6 months before using.
On the day of use, if frozen, defrost on the counter at room temperature (20-24 C) before consuming. For the best experience, we recommend that the center of the cakes reach room temperature, which can take up to 5 hours during the winter season.
Baking mixes and dry ingredients: Store in a cool, dark, dry place for 1 year at room temperature or see expiration date on label.
Why not store the products in the refrigerator ?
Since we do not use traditional baking ingredients such as wheat, eggs, butter, milk and cream, we can safely say that our products have been cleverly developed by pushing the boundaries of food chemistry. 
In order not to compromise on taste and texture, it is important to follow a few rules to fully enjoy our products. 
1. Never store them in the refrigerator (except for cakepops, squares, creamings and spreads). Indeed, the refrigerator makes our products dry more quickly and they will be more crumbly. 
2. Eat them at room temperature, making sure that the center is also at room temperature. 
3. Eat the cakes and cupcakes within 24 hours. As we do not use any preservatives, they will become dry very quickly. Their shelf life will be extended by 24 hours if you store them in an airtight container. 
4. Freeze them if there are any left over, our products contain no animal ingredients and are manufactured in a facility with the highest quality control processes, so they can be safely refrozen if necessary.
How long should I defrost the products ?
- 1 to 2 hours for snacks, brownies, cookies, squares, cakepops and mini cupcakes. 
- 2 to 3 hours for an individual cake, cupcakes and other individually wrapped products.
- 5 to 6 hours for larger products such as round cakes. 
I have an event during the weekend, will your products still be fresh?

Absolutely! Our gluten-free products are of impeccable freshness. To ensure this freshness, we use 100% natural ingredients, without any preservatives. What makes them unique is that we freeze all our products as soon as they are prepared, which keeps them at the peak of flavor and quality.

To ensure everything is perfect on the day of your event, we simply recommend thawing the products on the same day, approximately 3 to 4 hours before indulging. You'll find that they will be just as delicious as if they had just come out of the oven!

What does "safe at school" mean ?
In some Canadian schools, products with traces of nuts are banned from the school premises, in order to avoid any accidents with children who are allergic to them. Don't worry about our products which don't contain any of the 10 priority allergens, so no nuts or peanuts to name a few. 
Are the ingredients GMO-free ?
Yes, our products do not contain any GMO ingredients, we work with the best natural ingredients. 
Is the packaging recyclable ?
Yes. They are all recyclable! 
Are the products vegan ?
Yes. They are 100% vegan! 
Are your products fresh ?
Of course they are! 
On the other hand, a product that remains in contact with air (even in a container) continues to deteriorate. 
This means that a cake that has been sitting in a refrigerated display case for 2 days is old compared to a cake that is frozen.
Freezing is also one of the best treatments to reduce food waste!

Can I be sure that no allergens are present in your products?

How do you choose your ingredients ?
We choose our ingredients with great care. Like Bonbon Collections, our suppliers and partners must regularly submit documentation that their products are free of the 10 priority allergens. 
In addition, we use only the best natural, 100% vegan and GMO-free ingredients.
Can I be sure that no allergens are present in your products ?
We have created a unique facility called the Factory of Happiness, with the highest standards of quality control and advanced allergen control processes to avoid cross-contamination. We do not use any ingredients containing any of the top 10 allergens. 
I am gluten / lactose intolerant, can I enjoy your products ?
Of course! You can trust us and enjoy our little treats without moderation. 
I am allergic to other allergens than those present in the top 10, can I consume your products ?
You can refer to the list of ingredients we have included on each product page. Since there are no laboratory tests to check for cross-contamination outside of the major allergens, we cannot guarantee this.
However, we have strict processes in place to prevent cross-contamination between the ingredients we use.


What is the cost of delivery ?
Please refer to our shipping policies here
Do you deliver anywhere in Canada ?
Yes, but only for our dry goods*, which include brownies, squares, cakepops, cookies, chocolates and kitchen utensils. 
For the rest of our products, we only deliver in the Greater Montreal area (you will find a map here or you can simply pick up your order at the Fabrique à Bonheur in St Bruno-de-Montarville). 
*Some restrictions may apply to isolated areas that are not covered by our carriers.
What are the delivery times?
Please refer to our shipping policies here
How long does it take to prepare my order ?
You can find the information here in our delivery policy.
When should I place my order ?
In order to guarantee the high quality of our products, it is important to respect the deadlines below. Because yes, our products are made on order ! 
All the rest of the range to be delivered: you have until Sunday 11:59 pm for a delivery on Thursday or Friday of the following week. 
Pick-up at the Fabrique du Bonheur and local deliveries: 3 working days before picking up your order. 
You will find all additional information here.
You're closed on the weekends, are your products still fresh if I place an order during the week?

Absolutely! Our gluten-free products are of impeccable freshness. To ensure this freshness, we use 100% natural ingredients, without any preservatives. What makes them unique is that we freeze all our products as soon as they are prepared, which keeps them at the peak of flavor and quality.

To ensure everything is perfect on the day of your event, we simply recommend thawing the products on the same day, approximately 3 to 4 hours before indulging. You'll find that they will be just as delicious as if they had just come out of the oven!

How are the products packaged for delivery ?
The preparation of orders is done by our little hands. 
We take particular care in packaging your purchases. They are arranged and wedged with the greatest care using biodegradable foam nuggets, biodegradable kraft paper and bubble wrap (for the most fragile products) in our shipping cartons to protect them from shocks.
Although all our products are stable at room temperature for 24 hours, our packaging can also use insulating materials and cold preservatives to ensure that the ideal temperature is maintained until delivery during the summer months.
The quality and freshness of Bonbon Collections products remain intact. 
Do I have to be there for delivery ?
Yes, if no one is there, the package will be dropped off at your door or returned directly to Bonbon Collections. 
Please note that additional charges will apply if a second delivery is required.
My package was damaged during delivery.
Unfortunately, even with the utmost care we take with your purchase, damage can occur during shipping and is beyond our control. 
Bonbon Collections cannot be held responsible for this inconvenience. Please refer to our general conditions of sale.
However, do not hesitate to contact us if necessary. We will be happy to help you !
Can I track my package?
When your order is handed over to our carrier, you will be notified by email with a tracking number. Please check your junk mail folder.
Unfortunately, this option is not available for local deliveries and in the Greater Montreal area.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

What payment method can I use ?
We accept all major credit cards. 
Can I get an invoice for my business ?
In fact, an invoice is automatically sent once your order is confirmed. Please check your junk mail folder, and if you would like your company's contact information to appear on the invoice, be sure to enter that information in the billing fields.
Can I pay for my order on delivery ?
No. Payment for the order is required in totality at the time of ordering. The order is not confirmed until the payment has been received and confirmed by us. 
Is it safe to use my credit card ?
Yes, because we use a platform that is PCI Level 1 compliant for credit card processing, which means it adheres to the highest standards of server compliance. It provides SSL certificates to enhance security and trust.


Can I cancel my order ?
Yes, you have 24 hours after placing your order to cancel it. After this period, no refund will be made.
Can I modify my order ?
Yes, no fees will be charged if you change your order within 24 hours. After this period, we do not accept any changes.
Can I return my order ?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns due to the perishable nature of our products and for food safety reasons.
Can I send my order as a gift ?
Of course ! When ordering, you can only specify one delivery address. If you want to make several shipments, you will have to place as many orders as there are addresses. 
The invoice is never included in the package. It is sent in your order confirmation email. Please check your junk mail.