Earth Day🌍. At Bonbon Collections, we are committed to reaffirming our dedication to a more sustainable future. As pioneers in vegan and gluten-free pastries🎂, our mission goes beyond creating delicious and inclusive desserts; it embodies a deep value of respect and preservation for our environment.

As we celebrate Earth Day🌍💚, we recognize that our responsibility extends beyond just one day. Our commitment to the Earth is daily, as we only have one planet. Every day, we strive to make environmentally respectful decisions, reflecting our belief that sustainability is an ongoing journey, not just an annual event.🌱

We take concrete actions to honor our Earth: from sourcing ingredients from ultra-local suppliers to our resource-efficient and eco-responsible production processes🌱, to the use of eco-friendly packaging. Our commitment to the planet is reflected in every aspect of our work, proving that sustainability is at the core of our values.

Local and Ethical Sourcing

Our quest for sustainability begins with our conscious choice of local ingredients✅. By prioritizing nearby suppliers, we reduce our carbon footprint and support the local economy. This approach not only ensures the freshness of our products but also strengthens community bonds.

Conscious and Eco-Responsible Production

In our workshop, every action counts. We have implemented a production process that generates less than 1% of waste, while repurposing 97% of our residual materials♻️. This approach minimizes our environmental impact and illustrates our commitment to sustainable resource management.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-design extends to our packaging, made from 70% recycled materials♻️. Aware of the challenges related to plastic and other waste, we opt for solutions that combine aesthetics and respect for nature, thus reducing our ecological footprint.

A Daily Commitment

For Bonbon Collections, every day is an opportunity to contribute to a greener future🍃. Our active participation in Earth Day is just a reflection of our integrated philosophy throughout the year. We are proud of our initiatives and will continue to innovate for a better world.

By the way, we've been integrating eco-design into our product development approach since forever. But what exactly is eco-design?

Eco-design, also known as ecological design, is an approach aimed at reducing the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle, from design to end-of-life. At Bonbon Collections, we are firmly committed to integrating the principles of eco-design into every aspect of our manufacturing process.

Reducing Our Ecological Footprint

One of the first steps of eco-design is to reduce the use of non-renewable natural resources. To achieve this, we prioritize the use of local and sustainable ingredients in our recipes.🌍 By closely collaborating with local producers and suppliers, we not only reduce our carbon footprint by limiting transportation distances, but we also support the local economy. All our suppliers are located within a distance of less than 100km from our manufacturing workshop, which is significant!

Sustainable Packaging

Another crucial aspect of eco-design is responsible packaging management. At Bonbon Collections, we strive to use recyclable packaging and, whenever possible, packaging made from recycled materials. In fact, 93% of our plastic packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic which will in turn be recycled♻️. We are also working on initiatives to reduce overall packaging usage and encourage our customers to adopt recycling practices.

100% Recycled Plastic♻️

Production Process Optimization


In addition to our efforts to reduce packaging waste, we are constantly seeking ways to optimize our production processes to minimize food waste and other related waste. This includes meticulous inventory management, precise production planning, and ongoing efforts to improve the energy efficiency of our facilities, but most importantly, the repurposing of residual materials.

In our commitment to environmental responsibility, one of our most tangible examples is our famous cake pop, beloved by all. Traditionally, in the pastry industry🧁, cake scraps are often considered waste and discarded. However, at Bonbon Collections, we have revolutionized this practice by creating added value to repurpose these scraps into our delicious cake pops💚🍰. This initiative embodies our vision of rethinking large-scale production methods in the pastry sector, demonstrating that it is possible to reconcile taste pleasure and environmental respect.

 Cakepop végane, sans gluten et sans les 10 allergènes principauxPâtisserie/pastries, cakepops, sans gluten/gluten-free,sans allergènes/allergen-free

 Awareness and Education

Finally, we believe in the importance of raising awareness among our customers about the significance of eco-design and the impact of their food choices on the environment. Through our social media platforms and website, we share tips and information on food sustainability, thereby encouraging an engaged and environmentally-conscious community.😀

At Bonbon Collections, eco-design is not just an idea, it's a philosophy that guides each of our decisions. We are proud of our commitment to a more sustainable future and we invite our customers to join us in this journey💚🍰. Because together, we can make a difference for our planet and for future generations.

As we celebrate Earth Day🌍, we invite our community to join our efforts for a sustainable future. At Bonbon Collections, every treat is a step towards a more environmentally friendly world.

Together, let's savor the taste of change

Thao Nguyen