Welcome to our gourmet universe where every day, diversity is the cherry on top! 🍒🌍

We are delighted to introduce the inspiring faces behind our delights, a multicultural team where talents unite to create vegan and allergen-free pastries.

At Bonbon Collections, we believe in the importance of providing opportunities and building bridges between cultures. That's why we offer more than just inclusive treats; we facilitate the integration of people from diverse backgrounds. Through stable employment and professional on-the-job training, we help our employees develop valuable skills to create a significant social impact.

But our commitment doesn't stop there. Working in a diverse and safe environment like Bonbon Collections not only promotes social integration by reducing isolation but also weaves strong bonds leading to greater tolerance. Additionally, we provide community support and access to specific services, including language courses, psychological support, and healthcare. To make sustainable integration easier, we also offer flexible schedules to better manage our employees' mental load. Finally, we ensure that each employee is recognized for their true worth.

In the Bonbon Collections family, each member has a unique story to tell!

Overflowing with passion and talent, Viktoriia, our Ukrainian production manager, has enriched our kitchen with her unique expertise. Her courageous departure from her homeland demonstrates her determination to seize new opportunities. Despite the challenges, we have created an inclusive environment for her, providing the necessary resources for her to thrive. Every day, she inspires our team with her passion and dedication. A genius in food science, Viktoriia innovates by using natural, chemical-free products, bringing invaluable and innovative ideas. đŸŒŸ


Then, there is Vita, another pastry chef proudly representing Ukraine. She has optimized our production processes and improved our overall efficiency by paying meticulous attention to detail and anticipating needs. Like her colleague, she has shown unwavering determination and passion for her craft. Impressively, she learned French in just one year. So, if you meet her at the front counter, she will be delighted to offer you product advice.🌟


Allow us to introduce Gracia, originally from the Congo, our production assistant. A former refugee in Zambia, he recently settled in Canada, ready to embrace a new chapter of his life. Currently an intern, Gracia is dedicated to packaging all our allergen-free pastries. Despite having no formal academic training, he is gaining valuable professional skills with us. His greatest quality is his ability to learn with contagious enthusiasm, even through his mistakes. 🌟




Among us, there is also Chiheb, our business coordinator from Tunisia. In less than a year, he has risen to the challenge of diving into the Quebec business world.  GrĂące Ă  ses rapports dĂ©taillĂ©s, nous avons pu identifier de nouvelles  opportunitĂ©s de croissance et renforcer  notre position sur le marchĂ©. Il incarne vĂ©ritablement  l'esprit de diversitĂ© et d'innovation sur lequel nous fondons notre succĂšs. đŸŒŸ


 Roxane, our marketing intern from Madagascar, has brought forward innovative ideas emphasizing the importance of authenticity and diversity in our campaigns. Despite her marketing responsibilities, she also ensures excellent customer service, striving to provide a pleasant experience for our clients with every interaction. Her thoughtful approach and commitment to customer satisfaction illustrate her versatility and dedication to our team.🌟


Next, NoĂ©mie, our QuĂ©bĂ©cois marketing coordinator, is the brains behind our online presence. Her exceptional background and marketing expertise have been significant assets since joining our team recently. Thanks to her creative and strategic approach, our online visibility has been strengthened, and new customers have been attracted through effective campaigns and innovative initiatives.🌟


Thao Nguyen, the founder of Bonbon Collections, is of Vietnamese origin, and diversity is a value that is particularly close to her heart. This drove her to build a company where everyone feels welcome and included. Her vision is for everyone to enjoy a gourmet moment without feeling excluded. At Bonbon Collections, we have employees from all backgrounds, and it is this diversity that strengthens our unity and uniqueness. The goal is to create a space where harmony and acceptance prevail, celebrating the beauty of our differences. 🌟


To conclude, we are also pleased to announce the arrival of two individuals. First, Malick, an asylum seeker from Senegal, will start as a production assistant, assisting our pastry chefs with their daily tasks. His goal is to begin his apprenticeship to become a pastry chef. 🌟 Then, Anne-Sophie, our talented Quebecois pastry chef, freshly graduated from ITHQ, possesses a keen artistic eye and incredible precision. She is our master of decorations, showcasing her talent daily through the decoration of your pastries.🌟

We look forward to seeing their progress within our team.

The success of our company is undeniably linked to the invaluable contributions made by our team. Their talents, professionalism, and teamwork are essential pillars of our field. We are excited to see where creativity and dedication will lead us in the future. 💜

Roxane Andriamamonjy