Sprinkles | Allergen-Free & Vegan

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Whether you're a baker, a designer or just want to please your loved ones, our sprinkles are perfect for finishing your cakes, cupcakes or other desserts! 

Ideal for sprinkling on cakes, rolls, cookies and any sweet treat. For best results, sprinkle on desserts just before serving and on frosting just before it hardens. Do not use in any dough that is to be baked.

Certified vegan, gluten free and made in Quebec.

Free of the 10 priority allergens (peanuts, eggs, dairy, nuts, wheat, soy, sesame, seafood, sulphites, mustard).


Sugar, corn starch, potato starch, rice flour, maltodextrin, vegetable fat (coconut), colorants (vegetable charcoal, beet red, anthocyanins, titanium dioxide, spirulina), anti-caking agent (potassium aluminium silicate), stabilizer (gum arabic), coating agent (carnauba wax), hypromellose, propylene glycol

Additional Informations

50g par sachet


Store at room temperature in a cool, dark and dry place.